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The Greater Yellowstone Climate Assessment
Past, Present, and Future Climate Change in
Greater Yellowstone Watersheds

An overview of the Assessment: This first phase of the Greater Yellowstone Climate Assessment presents an in-depth summary of past, recent, and projected future changes in temperature, precipitation, and water in the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA). The report focuses on climate changes across the GYA and within the major watersheds (see map below).

The Assessment is a multi-phase effort to analyze and communicate climate change and its potential impacts on different sectors in the Greater Yellowstone region. This first phase was produced by a partnership of the region’s universities, federal and state agencies, and non-governmental organizations. The report has undergone rigorous review to ensure that the findings meet the highest scientific standard.

Request and commitment from the Assessment authors: We seek input from the public, contributors, and organizations on this draft report. Our goal is to better assess the value and clarity of its content before its formal release in late June. We commit to read and consider every comment provided by the public, although public comments may or may not be incorporated into the final report.

Method and timeline for public comment on the Assessment:

  • Click here to access a draft version (pdf) of the Greater Yellowstone Climate Assessment.
  • Public comment will be accepted via a Google Form only. Click here to access the Public Comment form, and follow the directions there.
  • Comments will be accepted through Friday, April 30, 2021.
  • (Questions or issues? Contact Scott Bischke via

Our gratitude: We greatly value and appreciate your input on this draft report. Our most sincere, "Thank you!"


GYCA Figure 1-1
Map of the GYA highlighting the six watersheds studied in this report, along with selected towns and jurisdictional boundaries.

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